Kitchen Island Prices & Costs

Kitchen island prices vary widely because the choices start with small, ready-to-assemble units and range to large, built-in, full-featured islands that are the visual and practical center of the kitchen. This guide will help you select and price the best kitchen island based on your space, budget and the features you want. There are very nice options all along the spectrum.

Types of Kitchen Islands

Let’s explore the most popular types of kitchen islands along with their sizes and features. Kitchen island prices for each are found in the tables below.

Movable carts and islands: These handy units usually require assembling, and they sometimes have casters with locks for rolling into position and securing. They include some or all these options: metal or wood construction, open shelving and/or cabinets, one or more drawers, spice rack, towel rack, knife block, a food-prep top (laminate, wood/butcherblock, stainless steel, tile or stone) and built-in or removable cutting board.

Built-in kitchen islands: These islands are usually constructed using the same cabinets and countertops found throughout the kitchen. Popular options include some open shelving for cookbooks or knickknacks, an extended countertop that serves as a breakfast bar, electrical outlets, prep and/or full sink and faucet, cooktop, oven, vent hood, dishwasher and a small refrigerator or beverage cooler. In short, just about anything that can be installed in a kitchen can be integrated into the island.

Kitchen Island Prices Sorted by Type and Features

See our price guides for countertops, cabinets, sinks and faucets to itemize these components of your kitchen remodel. In this table, we’ve priced islands complete with the range of materials and potential labor costs.

Small, portable islands start at less than $100. They are priced by size, quality of materials and their features. There is no upper limit to how much a fully featured built-in island can cost. However, the kitchen island prices in the table will give you a good idea of what you’ll find when you shop for a portable island or get built-in kitchen island estimates from local contractors.

Table 1. Portable Kitchen Islands

Type of Kitchen IslandTotal Cost
Small portable   $325-$825
Medium portable$200-$525
Large portable$475-$2,500

Table 2. Built-in Kitchen Islands

Type of Kitchen IslandMaterials Cost      Installation Cost      Total Cost
No E, P or G$500-$1,200$150-$300$650-$1,500
Just E  $575-$1,325$275-$600$850-$1,925
E & P or G$750-$2,200$525-$1,100$1,275-$3,300
E, P & G$1,000-$2,600$1,200-$3,200$2,200-$5,800
E=Electricity (wiring and one or more outlets), P=Plumbing (water line, faucet, sink, drain), G=Gas line and hookup (but not appliances)

Table 3. Kitchen Island Extras

Island ExtraMaterials CostInstallation CostTotal Cost
Breakfast bar$150-$500$200-$400$350-$900+
Built-in seating$400-$800$300-$600$700-$1,400
Vent hood$1,000-$2,400$500-$800$1,500-$3,200
Island lighting$100-$1,000$150-$300$250-$1,300
Note: The kitchen island prices in these tables represent the average range. There are often exceptions on the low end (discontinued/clearance materials) and high end (super-luxury/custom).

Factors Affecting the Cost

Apart from extra features, the cost of the island will be affected by the quality of the cabinets and countertops. See our price guides to those components for more details.

Labor costs are determined by who installs the island and who hires them. In terms of the personnel, you will pay less for a general carpenter or handyman service and more for a licensed kitchen contractor. You’ll always get lower estimates for the work if you hire the crew rather than paying a general contractor or interior designer to arrange contractors. The quality of the installation will be affected by who does the work, so it’s important that a company with good experience installing islands with the equipment and features yours will have is given the work.

Your costs might be as much as 12% below or 30% above the national average based on the cost of living in your area. For example, an island with a national average cost of $1,000 might cost as little as $860 in Brownsville, TX or $880 in Albany, GA and as much as $1,100 in Eugene, OR or $1,300 in Boston, MA. In Cleveland, OH, and Columbia, SC, it will cost about $1,000.

Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Island

Removing an existing island yourself will save money, but if it has electricity, gas and/or water, know what you’re doing to keep yourself and your home safe before you begin.

Choosing affordable materials and designing an island without water or gas will keep your costs down. Installing some or all the kitchen island components yourself will cut costs, but only if done safely and correctly. The risk is that you’ll incur the cost of repairs and replacement if anything goes wrong.

The surest way to get a properly installed island is to hire the installer yourself. Request written estimates from several kitchen contractors in your area with a reputation for quality work. The free service we offer on this page takes the guesswork out the hiring process. You will receive estimates from pre-screened, licensed contractors, and there is no cost or obligation to you.

Visitor Submitted Kitchen Island Prices

Have you had a kitchen island installed in the last year? Other readers will appreciate knowing the materials, features, costs and where you live, so please take a minute to submit those details. Also, if this kitchen island pricing information has been helpful, please recommend it to your friends and followers, because they might be considering their own kitchen remodeling project.