Kitchen Flooring Cost

What is the cost of new kitchen flooring? The cost to replace a kitchen floor will be between $7.50 – $18.50 per sq. ft.
Low Cost$2.25 – $7.50 per sq. ft.
Average Cost$7.50 – $18.50 per sq. ft.
High Cost$18.50 – $26.00 per sq. ft.

Choosing kitchen flooring is one of the most exciting items on the kitchen remodeling planning list! This guide to kitchen flooring prices provides accurate information about flooring and installation costs, so you’ll be able to compare materials and use the data to compile your entire kitchen remodel budget. But how much does kitchen flooring cost? Replacement of kitchen flooring will cost somewhere between $2.25 and $26.00 per sq. ft. of flooring, depending on the choice of material. The cheapest material is sheet vinyl at an average total cost of $2.25-$6.00 per sq. ft., with the most costly being natural stone at $15.00-$26.00 per sq. ft. installed. However, it’s essential to note that these prices do not include extras such as additional preparation work, underfloor heating or damp proofing if required.

Cost to Replace the Kitchen Floor, With Kitchen Flooring Costs
Basic Cost EstimateAverage Cost EstimateHigh Cost Estimate
Expect to Pay$2.25 – $7.50 per sq. ft.$7.50 – $18.50 per sq. ft.$18.50 – $26.00 per sq. ft.
Flooring Material / TypeSheet Vinyl / Laminate / LinoleumLinoleum / Luxury Vinyl / HardwoodHardwood / Ceramic Tile / Natural Stone
Flooring PreparationEasyModerateHard
Complexity of Flooring AreaSimple (Square or Rectangular)Moderately Simple (Square or Rectangular With a A Few Recesses)Complex (Unusually Shaped / Complex Shape With a Multiple Recesses)
Underflooring HeatingNoNoYes / No
Pro or DIY InstallationDIYPro / DIYPro
Removal of Old Floor IncludedNoYes / NoYes

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Types of Kitchen Flooring

There are several types of kitchen flooring available to you, these vary from $2.25 per sq. ft. installed to $26.00 per sq. ft. installed. Below we discuss each in a little more detail, however you may also wish to refer to our remodel guides and advice section for more information on how to choose your kitchen flooring and the major differences between the options.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Sheet vinyl flooring is flooring which usually comes in a 12 foot wide roll as standard. Unlike the past it is now available in many types, colors and textures, which mean that it’s a realistic as many alternatives such as hardwood or natural stone flooring, except without the maintenance issues. Vinyl sheet flooring provides an warm and cushioned alternative, which gives style, practicality and a premium feel overall. This kind of flooring is great for areas where moisture maybe an issue, such as in kitchens or bathrooms, which is where hardwood flooring as an alternative may be damaged.

This type of flooring is very affordable and one of the cheapest available on the market. The overall sheet vinyl flooring cost $2.25-$6.00 per sq. ft., including installation. Prices vary depending on the color option and the style you choose.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum, or lino flooring is one which is often mistaken for vinyl flooring, however there are important differences between the two types. Vinyl flooring is made differently to linoleum in that vinyl is made from separate layers and importantly has a protective top layer which provides protection from scratching and marking. Lino is different in that it isn’t layered and as such any top layer coating for protection usually has to be added after installation. Therefore, overall vinyl flooring is a more durable alternative to linoleum. Vinyl flooring also has more in the way of style and color options to choose from. Linoleum and cork are sustainable alternatives to vinyl and laminate available in a limited selection of attractive styles, but these soft-under-foot floors are best treated with care to avoid to avoid dents, gouges and tears.

In terms of cost linoleum flooring cost ranges between $5.00-$9.25 per sq. ft.,  including installation. This is marginally cheaper than vinyl flooring, this is mainly due to the more complex layered construction of vinyl, but the lower maintenance is worth the slightly increased cost in the long term.

Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile (otherwise known as LVT) flooring is a cheaper alternative to stone or wood flooring. It’s extremely hard wearing and great for high foot traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and conservatories. Similar to sheet vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tile is made up of several layers which make it extremely durable. It’s available in a wide range of colors, styles, effects and finishes which will suit most homes.

In terms of vinyl tile cost, it costs slightly more than top quality linoleum at a price of S5.00-$11.50 per sq. ft. installed. This makes in an affordable option for most people, giving a hardwood floor look but without the $25+ per sq. ft. price tag.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is made from a single layer and whilst a similar cost to luxury vinyl tile, actually isn’t as durable. Laminate flooring used to be the cheap and cheerful alternative to carpet in the 60’s and 70’s but the quality has moved on since then. Laminate, just like luxury vinyl, can give the impression of real wood or tile but on a budget. Laminate construction has a top resin later, printable pattern and HDF core, rather than real wood. The resin top layer makes the laminate easier to clean. This resin layer is textured and available in various patterns in more expensive laminates.

The base cost of laminate flooring is almost identical to vinyl tile at $5.50-$11.50 per sq. ft.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring, priced at $6.50-$18.75 per sq. ft. is a type of kitchen flooring not used to much any more, but is made from the bark of a cork tree which makes this a relatively environmentally friendly type of flooring. However, this isn’t usually the most popular choice for kitchen flooring. Owing to it’s durability and moisture resistance, cork flooring is more suited for high traffic areas or areas where pets are going to walk with sharp claws and where hardwood flooring would become damaged. Cork flooring has a guarantee or around 25 years.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular options used in homes, next to vinyl or laminate flooring. Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive options on the market at $7.00-$20.50 per sq. ft. It’s available in various types, textures, styles and colors. It’s long lasting but also requires maintenance and regular cleaning to ensure it doesn’t become damaged.

Natural Stone Flooring

Natural stone flooring is the most expensive option when it comes to flooring. Kitchen natural stone flooring cost ranges from $15.0o to $26.00 per sq.ft. It’s extremely attractive and very durable indeed. Natural stone refers to a range of different stones including sandstone, granite, slate, marble, limestone and travertine. There are various grades of each type, from grade 1 to grade 3. The grading of natural stone refers to the quality and uniformity of the materials, accounting for any damage, with grade 1 being the best available. Whilst a natural stone floor is known to be durable, it’s important to do your research as some of the options can scratch easily, chip easily and require more maintenance than you may first think.

Kitchen Flooring Costs & Prices Sorted by Type

With a full kitchen remodel cost sitting between $14,000 – $35,000, kitchen flooring can make up a considerable portion of that, particuarly with the more costly options like hardwood or natural stone flooring. Our itemized kitchen flooring price table below has accurate material and installation costs for you to compare. When you combine the information here with data from our cost pages pertinent to your kitchen remodel, you’ll be able to determine an accurate budget for your project.

Table 1: Cost of Kitchen Flooring: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of Flooring  Material Cost (sq. ft.)    Installation Cost (sq. ft.)   Removal Cost (sq. ft.)    Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Sheet Vinyl   $.75-$2.25   $1.00-$2.25$.50-$1.50$2.25-$6.00
Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank$2.00-$6.00$2.00-$3.50  $1.00-$2.00S5.00-$11.50
Ceramic Tile$2.25-$6.50$7.00-$12.00$2.00-$3.00$9.25-$21.50
Natural Stone$6.00-$11.00$7.00-$12.00  $2.00-$3.00$15.00-$26.00

Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen Flooring

These notes clarify the wide price spectrum’s for some materials and other issues related to kitchen flooring costs:

  • Quality of the Flooring – As a rule, flooring is made in good/better/best grades, and cost rises with quality. This is particularly true with natural stone flooring which is sold in grades from grade 1 to 3, with grade 1 being the best quality but also the most expensive.
  • When LVT/LVP was released, the quality was generally high across the board; Some manufacturers have begun making lower-quality, thinner and more affordable grades of the material to attract to a wider range of consumers
  • Laminate price is closely tied to the thickness of the clear wear layer that is the major factor in determining durability
  • Cork varies in cost based on whether the material is recycled (lower cost) from wine cork or if it is virgin (higher cost), and if so, how rare the material is

Note that the removal cost is for the type flooring on that line. If you’re removing a different material, you might have to look at another line to find the cost.

Handyman services charge lower rates than flooring specialists to install the material, but the quality of the work might suffer. If the installer is hired by a general contractor, the cost will likely be higher than if you hire the installer.

Ways to Save on your Kitchen Flooring

Beyond the obvious choice to install more affordable flooring, there are proven ways to cut costs. Removing old flooring usually takes hard work but not significant skill. Tiles and fully glued flooring are the most difficult to get off, and take care not to damage the sub-floor. If you install the new flooring, your costs will be reduced to tools and supplies. However, you’ll also incur potential repair and replacement costs if something goes wrong such as damaged flooring or appearance issues.

The best method for ensuring your new floor looks great and performs and lasts as it should is to hire the installer yourself after getting competitive bids. One way to do this is to use the service we offer. It’s free, and there is no obligation. You receive written estimates from prescreened, licensed and insured local contractors that know they’re competing for the work.

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