Kitchen Flooring Prices & Costs

Choosing kitchen flooring is one of the most exciting items on the kitchen remodeling planning list! This guide to kitchen flooring prices provides accurate information about flooring and installation costs, so you’ll be able to compare materials and use the data to compile your entire kitchen remodel budget. But how much does kitchen flooring cost? Replacement of kitchen flooring will cost

Types of Kitchen Flooring

There’s a wealth of good-looking options for your remodeled kitchen floors. Sheet vinyl is affordable, handles moisture well and cleans quickly. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring is a step up in cost and appearance, but takes slightly more care.

Laminate gives you the look of expensive flooring, usually hardwood, for a lower initial cost and less durability. Linoleum and cork are sustainable alternatives to vinyl and laminate available in a limited selection of attractive styles, but these soft-under-foot floors are best treated with care to avoid to avoid dents, gouges and tears. Ceramic tile is a classic material with diverse options for size and shape in solid-color and multi-color tiles.

Solid and engineered hardwood flooring is rich, warm and can be refinished, which makes it a good value over its lifetime despite the significant investment upfront. Natural stone tile is unsurpassed for luxurious beauty, but its hardness and higher price are potential drawback.

Flooring Costs & Prices Sorted by Type

The itemized kitchen flooring price table below has accurate material and installation costs for you to compare. When you combine the information here with data from our cost pages pertinent to your kitchen remodel, you’ll be able to determine an accurate budget for your project.

Table 1: Cost of Kitchen Flooring: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of Flooring  Material Cost (sq. ft.)    Installation Cost (sq. ft.)   Removal Cost (sq. ft.)    Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Sheet Vinyl   $.75-$2.25   $1.00-$2.25$.50-$1.50$2.25-$6.00
Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank$2.00-$6.00$2.00-$3.50  $1.00-$2.00S5.00-$11.50
Ceramic Tile$2.25-$6.50$7.00-$12.00$2.00-$3.00$9.25-$21.50
Natural Stone$6.00-$11.00$7.00-$12.00  $2.00-$3.00$15.00-$26.00

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Kitchen Flooring

These notes clarify the wide price spectrums for some materials and other issues related to kitchen flooring costs:

  • As a rule, flooring is made in good/better/best grades, and cost rises with quality
  • When LVT/LVP was released, the quality was generally high across the board; Some manufacturers have begun making lower-quality, thinner and more affordable grades of the material to attract to a wider range of consumers
  • Laminate price is closely tied to the thickness of the clear wear layer that is the major factor in determining durability
  • Cork varies in cost based on whether the material is recycled (lower cost) from wine cork or if it is virgin (higher cost), and if so, how rare the material is

Note that the removal cost is for the type flooring on that line. If you’re removing a different material, you might have to look at another line to find the cost.

Handyman services charge lower rates than flooring specialists to install the material, but the quality of the work might suffer. If the installer is hired by a general contractor, the cost will likely be higher than if you hire the installer.

Ways to Save on your Kitchen Flooring

Beyond the obvious choice to install more affordable flooring, there are proven ways to cut costs. Removing old flooring usually takes hard work but not significant skill. Tiles and fully glued flooring are the most difficult to get off, and take care not to damage the subfloor. If you install the new flooring, your costs will be reduced to tools and supplies. However, you’ll also incur potential repair and replacement costs if something goes wrong such as damaged flooring or appearance issues.

The best method for ensuring your new floor looks great and performs and lasts as it should is to hire the installer yourself after getting competitive bids. One way to do this is to use the service we offer. It’s free, and there is no obligation. You receive written estimates from prescreened, licensed and insured local contractors that know they’re competing for the work.

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