Kitchen Faucets Prices & Costs

Kitchen faucet prices are a factor of the quality, aesthetics, functionality and features of the faucet and accessories. This guide to kitchen faucet prices and the cost of installation is an opportunity to compare prices. It has the same kind of pricing information found in all our kitchen remodeling prices guides. They’ll assist you as you select components that suit your style and fit your budget.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

This brief overview of kitchen faucet options is designed to assist you in shopping for those that will integrate beautifully into your kitchen design. Make sure to view our kitchen sink prices if you’re looking to replace both the sink and the faucet together, you may just get a better deal. Kitchen faucet types are:

Standard kitchen faucets, for lack of a better term, are the faucets that don’t have any of the features that characterize those in the rest of the list. They remain the largest category of kitchen faucet. Standard faucets sit on or behind the back of the sink have either hot and cold handles emanating from the base or a single handle at the top of the main body of the faucet.

Pull down kitchen faucets and pull out kitchen faucets have heads that detach from the faucet neck. The head has a flexible hose attached that retreats into the faucet neck when the head is put back in place. Extra hose extends beneath the countertop and is often weighted to assist in the retreat. Many pull-down and pull-out faucets have adjustable water flow settings.    

Wall mount kitchen faucets require plumbing inside the wall, so they are disruptive and costly to install unless a complete remodel is underway. Some plumbers are reluctant to install a wall mount faucet on an outside wall in a very cold climate due to the risk of pipes freezing.

Bridge kitchen faucets are difficult to describe but easy to spot. They have separate hot water and cold water handles with piping running from left and right to form a bridge. The faucet neck extends up from the bridge.

Touchless kitchen faucets or hands-free faucets are so named because they have motion sensors that start and stop the flow of water. A variation is the tap-control or touch-on faucet that requires just a tap to turn water on and off. All these faucet types include a handle for manual control and temperature adjustment.

Vessel and waterfall faucets lack the functionality most homeowners want in the main kitchen sink though one can be a stylish addition to a prep sink. There are many styles of vessel and waterfall faucets, but in most the water flows out of the faucet or over a ledge without traveling through an aerator.

Kitchen Faucet Prices Sorted by Type

There are many style and finish options within each type of faucet, so narrowing your choices will be more difficult than finding one with the right aesthetic and functionality for your kitchen plans. Perhaps our kitchen faucet prices table will help.

Table 1: Cost of Kitchen Faucets: A Comparison at a Glance

Kitchen Faucet TypeAverage Faucet PricesLow-end PriceHigh-end PriceInstallation CostTotal Cost
Standard faucet$100-$1,200$40  $2,000$50-$200$90-$2,200
Pull down/pull out faucet$150-$1,500$65$2,700$75-$225$140-$2,925
Wall mount faucet$125-$800$65$1,500$150-$600$215-$2,100
Bridge faucet$200-$750$50$1,800$50-$200$100-$2,000
Touchless/touch-on faucet$200-$1,400$80$2,200$100-$225$180-$2,25
Vessel/waterfall faucet$100-$600$40$1,800$50-$200$90-$2,000
Note: Most faucets will be priced in the “Average” range, but cheap and extremely expensive faucets extend the price spectrum significantly.

Factors Affecting Cost

Faucets vary in price more than any other kitchen component. That’s why we’ve setup the table with the three faucet price columns plus installation. How much you’ll ultimate pay for your faucet depends mostly on these factors:

  • Quality of the faucet’s functional parts
  • Quality of the faucet finish including:
    • Plastic (cheap)
    • Light powder-coat (cheap to moderate)
    • Enamel (cheap to moderate)
    • Heavy powder-coat (moderate to expensive)
    • Brass, bronze and dipped chrome (moderate to very expensive)
    • Stainless steel and copper (expensive to very expensive)
  • The number of accessories the faucet has such as a sprayer, soap dispenser or filtered water tap
  • The installation cost of a wall mount faucet will be cheaper if the wall studs are exposed than if a backsplash or drywall must be removed
  • If the faucet is the only thing being installed, the cost will be higher than if the installation is part of a countertop installation or complete kitchen remodel
  • A kitchen installer will charge more than a handyman service, especially if faucet installation is the only project

Ways to Save on a Kitchen Faucet

Beyond the obvious option of buying a less expensive faucet, you can save money by removing the old faucet and installing the new one yourself. Simply keep in mind that DIY work comes with the risk of being responsible for problems that lead to repair or replacement costs.

The proven way to save money on professional kitchen installation including the faucet is to request estimates from several contractors and let them know they’re competing for the work. When you use the free service we offer, you’ll receive written estimates from licensed, insured and pre-screened local contractors that know they must submit competitive prices to get the work. There is no cost or obligation to you for requesting the estimates.

Visitor Submitted Faucet Prices

If you’ve had kitchen remodeling work done recently, other readers would enjoy hearing where you live, the scope of the project and what it cost. The information will benefit them as they budget for their kitchen remodel. And if this information was helpful to you, consider sharing it with friends and followers. They might be pricing a new kitchen too.