Cost of Kitchen Countertops

How much does a kitchen countertop cost? The average cost of a kitchen countertop is between $66 – $114 sq.ft., with prices mainly being affected by the type of kitchen countertop you choose. Laminate costs the least at $16-$39 per sq. ft. and granite / lava cost the most at $187-$271 per sq. ft. Factors affecting the cost of countertops are discussed further down this page.
Low Cost$12 – $75 sq.ft.
Average Cost$66 – $114 sq.ft.
High Cost$150 – $271 sq.ft.

A kitchen countertop can make or break the look and feel of your kitchen, which is why it’s so important to get your choice right. However, kitchen countertop prices vary so greatly, with prices ranging from $12-$271 per sq. f.t., so any choice will largely be dictated by budget first and visual appearance second. Perhaps you’ve narrowed countertop options for your new or remodeled kitchen to those with the look you want plus use and care requirements you’re comfortable with. This page will assist you with the third important factor in your choice – countertop prices that work within your budget. The average cost of a kitchen countertop is $66 – $114 per sq.ft. for quartz, concrete, marble and stone countertops. More commonly used laminate, butcherblock and tile are significantly cheaper at $12 – $75 per sq. ft. 

Cost of Kitchen Countertops for Install / Replacement
Basic Cost EstimateAverage Cost EstimateHigh Cost Estimate
Expect to Pay$12 – $75 sq.ft.$66 – $114 sq.ft.$150 – $271 sq.ft.
Countertop MaterialPorcelain, Butcherblock, Reclaimed Wood, Resin/Solid Surface, Tile, Laminate, WoodQuartz, Concrete, Marble, Stone, Stainless Steel, Recycled GlassGranite,
Removal of Old CountertopYes / NoYesYes
Edge Profile / ShapeBeveled, EasedRadius, BullnoseBevel Bull-nose, Double Ogee, Triple Pencil, Step Half Bullnose
Cutouts (for Sinks / Hob / Cooktop)11-21-2+
Pro or DIY InstallationDIY / ProProPro

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Cost of Kitchen Countertops, With Costs & Prices
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Types of Kitchen Countertops

You’ve got attractive and durable options for countertops in a range of price categories. Knowing what you’ll demand from your countertops will help you select the right material within your budget. The main types of kitchen countertops include:

Laminate countertops are the most affordable and are produced in styles that mimic costlier materials. Laminate handles food preparation well, though not high heat, and it is very easy to clean. Wood, natural stone and stained concrete countertops cost more and are gorgeous but must be sealed properly and regularly. Most require more care and caution than other types.

If you’d prefer a low-maintenance countertop or one more suitable to daily food preparation, then stainless steel, resin/solid surface, engineered stone, quartz, tile, porcelain and recycled glass are excellent choices and available in a range of prices from moderate to expensive.

Countertop Costs & Prices Sorted by Type

How much does a countertop cost? The table below is an itemized breakdown of material prices and labor costs. It has two purposes. First, the table allows you to compare countertop prices by material. Secondly, by reviewing all our cost pages, you can put together a complete kitchen remodel budget based on the materials you select. Note that if you’re removing a countertop material that is different than you’re installing, you’ll have to look in another row to find the correct removal cost.

Table 1: A Complete Overview of Kitchen Countertop Prices & Costs

Kitchen Countertop Prices by Type
Type of CountertopMaterial Cost (sq. ft.)Installation Cost (sq. ft.)Removal Cost (sq. ft.)Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Granite Countertops    $15-$135 $10-$18$2-$4  $27-$157
Quartz Countertops$55-$90$12-$20$2-$4     $66-$114
Laminate Countertops  $10-28$5-$8$1-$3$16-$39
Marble Countertops$10-$95$10-$18$2-$4$22-$117
Wood Kitchen Countertops$15-$60$6-$12  $2-$3$23-$75
Recycled Glass Countertops  $65-$90$6-$12$2-$3$73-$105
Stone Countertops  $50-$100$8-$14  $2-$4$60-$118
Stainless Steel Countertops$60-$90$6-$12$2-$3$68-$105
Tile Countertops$4-$8$7-$20$3-$5$14-$33
Porcelain Countertops$5-$16$4-$12$3-$5  $12-$33
Resin/Solid Surface Countertops$40-$70$6-$13$2-$3  $48-$86
Butcherblock Countertops$24-$65$6-$12    $2-$3  $32-$80
Concrete Countertops$70-$100$5-$10$2-$4     $77-114
Lava Countertops$175-$250$10-$18$2-$3$187-$271
Reclaimed Wood Countertops  $35-$80$6-$12   $2-$3  $43-95

Factors Affecting the Cost of Countertops

Most countertop types are available in a good/better/best spectrum for each material. The price ranges reflect their differences:

  • Type of Material – The type of material you choose for the kitchen countertop will greatly affect the cost of your project, as not only do you need to take into account an increased material cost but you’ll also usually need to consider an increase in labor costs as the material is often more complex to work with. For example, laminate countertops will cost between $16-$39 per sq.ft. installed, as they are relatively simple to cut and secure into place with quite basic carpentry tools. On the other hand granite countertops cost up to $157 per sq.ft. installed due to an increased material cost but also because it’s far more challenging to work with and therefore requires specialist skills, labor and tools.
  • Grade of Material – The better the quality or grade of the physical material, the more it will cost. Quite often, quart and granite in particular will come in different qualities and grades of material, you need to keep this in mind.
  • Rarity of Material – Rare material, especially varieties of granite and marble that are less common than most, cost significantly more
  • Countertop Edge Profile – There are several different types of countertop edge profiles (which are covered in our countertop buying guide). These can be divided down into basic, better and complex. Basic profiles include square, eased and bevel, these cost less than complex profiles which include ogee, half bull-nose and bevel bull-nose. More complex profiles can add 10-20% to the total cost of your project, owing to the labor involved to create the specified profile.
  • Stone Slabs vs Stone Tiles – Stone slabs cost 50% to 150% more than stone tiles, but tile installation labor costs are slightly higher. Thicker slabs cost more than thinner materials.
  • Staining or Coating – Acid staining for concrete or specialty coatings add cost.
  • Project Complexity – This is quite subjective but usually where there is more machining or cutting required then the cost will go up. Commonly, where there are several corners, turns or angles to cut out, the cost will increase.
  • Cut outs – Cut outs are required for sinks and hobs most commonly, the more cut outs you require then the higher the labor as these cut outs will have to be measured and cut. It’s also important to remember that the type of material you have chosen will either increase or decrease to complexity of the job. For example, making 2 cut outs in a laminate countertop is far easier and less labor intensive than making 2 cut outs in a quartz or granite countertop.
  • Cost of Living – Cost of living in your area will have an impact on where your total costs are on the spectrum, as it does in most other major purchases you make.
  • Pro or DIY – Who installs your countertops will also affect cost, and could affect the quality of the installation. General carpenters and handyman services cost less than experienced countertop specialists. If you’re using a designer or general contractor that is hiring the installer and coordinating the workflow, a premium will likely be charged for the service.

Ways to Save on Your Countertops

Choosing one of the more affordable materials or a lower grade of a pricier material will reduce cost. Removing old countertops is the easiest way to spend less, but as you can see from the table, you won’t save much. Installing the countertops has the potential reward of saving the entire labor cost minus the cost of tools and supplies. The risks of DIY countertop installation include having to pay for replacement or repair if something goes wrong.

The best way to get professionally installed countertops that look and perform as they should is to get estimates from several installers with a reputation for quality craftsmanship. The free, no-obligation service we offer takes the guess-work out of hiring kitchen contractors. The installers are pre-screened, licensed and insured for your protection.

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