Kitchen Backsplash Prices & Costs

If you’ve selected a few kitchen backsplash options that beautifully complement your countertop selection, then you’re ready for backsplash prices to compare as you plan your budget. This page of backsplash prices and costs covers both materials and labor, so you’ll have a clear idea of what an installed backsplash will cost and how you can save money on the type you want.

Types of Kitchen Backsplashes

A backsplash offers protection for your walls while enhancing the beauty of your kitchen remodel. Some homeowners select the same material as the countertop, so the backsplash becomes an extension of it. Others prefer a contrast, something that stands apart as its own element making a unique contribution to the design.

A tile or brick backsplash gives you the most options since they are available in a vast array of styles, shapes and sizes. When a combination of styles is used, custom designs can be achieved. Tile offers durability and easy cleanup too, though textured bricks can be a challenge to clean. Natural stone backsplashes require a bit more TLC, but stone’s beauty attracts the eye as few other materials can. Metals and glass have their own allures, and each is easy to maintain and clean.

Backsplash Costs & Prices Sorted by Type

The backsplash prices chart below gives you the opportunity to compare the material and labor costs for your favorite backsplash options. You’ll also find it useful as you compile an entire kitchen remodel budget from our cost pages on countertops, cabinets, islands, sinks, flooring and other essential kitchen elements.

Table: Cost of Kitchen Backsplash: A Comparison at a Glance

Type of BacksplashMaterial Cost (sq. ft.)Installation Cost (sq. ft.)Removal Cost (sq. ft.)Total Cost (sq. ft.)
Tile Backsplash$4-$8$7-$20$3-$5$14-$33
Onyx Backsplash$10-$40$10-$18$2-$4$22-$62
Marble Backsplash$10-$95    $10-$18$2-$4$22-$117
Stainless Steel & Metal Backsplash$60-$90$6-$12$2-$3$68-$105
Tin Backsplash$3-$15$8-$15$2-$3$13-$33
Stone Backsplash$50-$100$8-$14$2-$4$60-$118
Glass Backsplash$5-$30$7-$20$3-$5$15-$55
Brick Backsplash$5-$16$7-$20$3-$5$15-$41

Factors Affecting Cost

As you browse the backsplash pricing table, you’ll notice significant ranges for some costs. Here are reasons for the spectrum of costs and other factors backsplash prices:

  • Stone is available in good/better/best grades, and the price rises accordingly
  • Within each grade, the larger the stone tile is, the more it costs due to the relative rarity of larger stones to cut into tile
  • Installations that require more cutting and trimming of materials are costlier
  • For tile work, mosaic designs are installed at a premium cost

Your area’s cost of living will determine where on the cost spectrum your backsplash estimates fall.

Who you hire to install your backsplash will affect cost and possibly the quality of the work. Handymen services cost less than those of a backsplash installation specialist. If you’re using a general contractor that is coordinating the subcontractors such as the backsplash installer, you’ll pay a premium for that service.

Ways to Save on your Backsplash

Removing the old backsplash will reduce costs, but proceed with caution. If you choose any of the natural stone materials, some lesser grades are beautiful and durable, so provide the opportunity to save money at little sacrifice to aesthetics.

Installing your own backsplash will reduce your costs to the supplies and tools required, but it includes the risk of costs associated with damaged materials and improper installation.

The most effective way to lower the cost of backsplash installation while protecting your investment is to request written estimates from several experienced installers with a good reputation. The service we offer is free, and there is no obligation. You’ll receive estimates from pre-screened, licensed backsplash installers in your area. Most backsplash installers also install countertops, so they can combine the two estimates into one.

Visitor Submitted Backsplash Prices

If you’ve recently had a backsplash installed, other readers would benefit from knowing the material and its cost, your labor costs and where you live. It’s the best way for them to know what to expect when getting backsplash cost estimates in your area. And if this information has been helpful to you, perhaps your friends and followers would appreciate you for passing it along to them!